The US is fast becoming populated with Trikes, Motorcycles and Scooters. It is becoming well known that scooters are a practical form of transportation and make for a great alternative vehicle
mainly because of rising fuel prices. As the industry revives it's self the quality  will become more consistent and the variety of two and three wheeled vehicles will become more wide spread.



300cc Trike Compeller

150 Motor Scooter Trike

 50cc Gas Motor Trike

 50cc Gas Motor Trike

Sport 50cc Gas Scooter
Scooter Trike 150cc Ice Bear

Electric 4-Wheeler
Royale 3

Electric 3-Wheeler
Royale 4

scooter - motorcycle cover shelter

MOJO-50 | 50- 8 | 50- 9 |  150- G | 150- 8 | 150- H | 150-11 | 250-RW | 300-R | 300-1

The NEW Stunning Automatic 50, 150, 250 & 300cc SCOOTER TRIKES, Available Now.

Motorcycle Shelters and Covers

Standard Shelter $289 For Sport Bikes
LED Light Included - 108-LX43-WX63-H
Standard Diamond Floor $79.95
Extra LED Light $14.95



Touring Shelter $389 For Touring Bikes
LED Light Included - 136-LX54-WX76-H
Diamond Floor $98.95
Extra LED Light $14.95

NEW... These durable, motorcycle covers provide shelter for all cycles, bicycles, electric bikes, boats, golf carts, ATVs and more. Be ready for all weather conditions, call us today at 1-Call 931-622-3886 OR EMAIL US AT
to order your Speed-Way motorcycle cover.

A new product that has the motorcycle community buzzing. After your ride, you pull into your driveway and into your bike's own, personal shelter. The retractable waterproof cover is easy to use, keeps out weather, dust and debris, with the added feature of cross-ventilation to prevent any condensation from occurring inside. Included is an LED Bright Light which mounts to hardware inside the shelter, for easy night access; and with the addition of a Diamond-Tough floor (available separately), worries about oil drips on the driveway are over. Now your bike can be parked in the garage, along side the house, or in the driveway, fully covered, and completely safe with the security of a padlock.

Features and Benefits:

* Retractable Structure makes access simple and quick
* Two Sizes: Standard/Sport and a larger Shelter for touring bikes
* Cross Ventilation on either side of the shelter
* Waterproof seams keeps weather and condensation out
* LED Bright Light for night access
* Diamond Tough Floor (available) to prevent driveway drips
* Carrying Case with Handles for portability

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Motor Scooter & Electric
Scooter Parts

For Gas Scooters, Electric Scooters, ATV's, Go-Karts, Pocket Bikes


If you are looking for Trikes, Scooters, Scooter Parts, Scooter Info or scooter anything
Your In The Right Place.
There's a variety of Trike and Scooter Companies listed on our website with more on the way.
Trikes are becoming fast the New Rage they are starting to turn up every where.
It's as though they are being reintroduced into the market place.
Browse this page and click on the Company of your choosing.
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For Gas Scooters, Electric Scooters, ATV's, Go-Karts, Pocket Bikes

Chinese Scooter Parts
Few owners have learned about the advantages of owning a Trike, Motorcycle or Scooter.
 A few of these benefits are: Great on gas mileage any where fro 120 mpg and down, better for the environment, Cheaper than cars and motorcycles to purchase and to operate, easier to park and maneuver in tight spaces
and simply just a Fun Alternative,.
Again browse the site and choose the company for the ideal scooter to ensure that you get the best
Trike, Motorcycle or Scooter for your specific needs

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We are a full service scooter and Trike dealership, selling Baccio, Keeway, Fly Scooters, CPI Scooters, Lance and Zongshen, TGB, SYM, Linhai, Argo, Benelli, Hyosung, Schwinn, CF MOTO, Yamati, Kikker, CPI, Bajaj, scooters. Scooters are street legal and fun to ride but most importantly they are practical. Our scooters and Trikes are DOT and EPA approved. We have a variety of vehicles to choose from. Gas prices will soon hit an all-time average high for regular and unleaded fuel. Since we live in an area where driving is a necessity, we have to pay attention to our driving habits and our vehicles. Choose an alternative vehicle today whether it be a scooter, Trike or one of our little three wheel cars! Stop spending $50.00 to $100.00 a week in fuel cost!
USA Trikes
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Electric 4-Wheeler
Royale Cargo
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